A hybrid communications solution delivers remote working from anywhere.

  • Country: Australia
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Solution: Digital Age Communications, Rainbow, Unified Communications

WEHI is where the world’s brightest minds collaborate and innovate to make life-changing discoveries that help people live longer healthier lives. WEHI’s medical researchers have been serving the community for more than 100 years, making transformative discoveries in cancer, infectious and immune diseases, developmental disorders and healthy ageing.

When it comes to research and innovation, it’s not just about getting the smartest people in the room together. To get to the best outcomes for healthier living or a smarter, more efficient work environment, you need open communications, partnership and trust. ALE is a vendor with great solutions, supported by a network of trusted Partners. We understand that innovation implies testing, proof of concept and where needed, redesign. ALE is always up for the journey and we value their support in creating a better, more collaborative ICT workspace.
Michael Carolan, CIO of WEHI




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